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Family Home In Esher – Security Upgraded Following Burglary

We received an enquiry from an older married couple from Esher in Surrey  who had recently been burgled. They explained how the intruders had carried out the burglary whilst they were home, early in the evening under the cover of darkness.

There were 3 houses burgled in this affluent private road that evening, and despite our client having CCTV and a full alarm system they unfortunately became victims and yet another burglary crime statistic. Our client stated that he thought about what happened long and hard and came to the conclusion  that the alarm system was neither effective nor a deterrent, neither was the CCTV as they simply covered their faces and wore indistinct clothing. He then decided that what was needed was a physical barrier to prevent entry, and he contacted us at The Security Shutter Group to discuss.

Esher family home with security shutter installation
Protecting homes and offices across Surrey with our security shutters
Esher homes protected with our automated security shutters

Our client explained that the burglary took place early evening whilst they were both watching TV downstairs in the TV room, there were 3 burglars, one who kept watch on my clients as they watched TV whilst the others went to the rear of the property where they stacked the garden furniture and used it to climb onto the balcony of the master bedroom where they proceeded to break a small window in the doors to gain entry and carry out their burglary.

Esher security shutter specialists
Installation of automated security shutters in Esher

We discussed the various options with regards to types of roller shutter, and methods of operation such as simple remote control, to timer activated and ultimately sensor activated, of which the client was really impressed with as it would meant that he could carry on with his life as normal, knowing that if somebody unknown approached a window, it would automatically activate the security shutter.

Internal security shutters installed in Esher home
Automated home security shutters installed in Esher

The intruder would then have to make a decision, try and smash through a very strong metal roller shutter or, abort the burglary!

The security shutter group fitted a total of 13?? Shutters, mostly internally fitted, blended into the current décor of the home seamlessly by our skilled fitters and electrical technicians.

Our client now feels completely safe at home and both his wife and he have said they now have true peace of mind.

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