Choose our automated garage doors for excellent security in Surrey, UK

Roller garage doors are some of the most secure, insulated, and versatile on the market and at the Shutter Security Group, we are one of the premier suppliers and installers of garage doors in Surrey and throughout the South East. We fit high-quality doors to residential properties, as well as commercial garage spaces, alongside a range of other security shutters in sophisticated and seamless designs.

With smooth opening, these aluminium roller shutter garage doors are essentially a curtain of slats that can revolve around themselves at the top of the doors. They offer exceptional insulation, practicality, and security. We have various options available, depending on your requirements, including some excellent choices where space is limited.

We understand that choosing a company to complete work on your property is a big decision. Our team is thorough, dependable, and knowledgeable. Here are a few other reasons to choose The Security Shutter Group:

  • We offer professional and seamless fitting of all our products, including electric garage doors and aluminium security shutters
  • All garage doors are made to measure and designed around your specific requirements
  • We offer a quality service with a personal touch, where nothing is too much trouble for our helpful team.
  • We will give you clear instructions on how to use your door and offer a comprehensive aftercare service, so you can call us at any time to ask questions.
  • Our garage doors are available at competitive prices and we can offer you a free estimate at any time. Our quotes include no hidden costs and includes the supply and installation of your new electric garage doors.

To ask questions or to find out more about our products and how garage door installation works, please call us now 07898 783 590.

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Surrey roller garage doors: What are the benefits?

If you are looking for roller garage doors for a small or a large garage, The Security Shutter Group can supply and fit exactly what you need. Every set of doors is made to measure and designed to meet your requirements. These doors bring the best in quality, offering a seamless blend of high security, style, and functionality.

They offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Minimal space requirements: Our roller garage doors’ vertical opening allows you to make the most of the space in your garage or driveway, as well as being able to park right up against your garage without obstructing the opening and closing of the door. We have a design – the Jensen- which is specifically designed to create minimal intrusion to the exterior and interior of your garage space.
  • Energy efficient: These doors create an additional barrier against the weather and when fitted, will improve the energy efficiency of the property. As well as cutting your fuel bills, this will lower your carbon footprint.
  • Highly secure: If security is one of your priorities, we recommend our garage doors as they will boost your security in Surrey. There are no visible locks on the outside, so these garage doors will resist forced entry attempts and offer valuable peace of mind.
  • Flexible design: Our garage doors are available in a range of colours and styles to suit your property, including white, black, navy blue, silver grey, light oak, rosewood, and other colours.

We offer a range of electric garage doors styles near Surrey

We supply and fit three garage door styles – Aston, Bentley, and Jensen, with each offering slightly different benefits. All are custom-built and designed for you and can achieve widths of three metres.

The Aston doors are our bestselling design and have a 77mm aluminium profile. Offering convenient opening and closing with the press of a button, they roll into compact housing which is located just above the interior of the door, causing minimal intrusion in the available space.

For smaller driveways and where space is an issue, the Jensen design is compact and needs just 8 inches above the opening area. The extruded profile comes in at just 38mm with a slim 66mm extruded guide rail.

The Bentley design is our most secure set of garage doors and is made from solid extruded aluminium slat, meeting British and international standards.

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